Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week 4 - Pit Stop

Well I'm back in campus for a month now.
Nothing much to update about the life there,
just following back the old schedule of class, fyp, sleep and whatever we can think of to play with.
Yea life can be boring most of the time,
but its just how we make the most out of the little time left in our schedule.
That is also why I decided to take the short trip back to hometown this weekend.
Of course, not as plain as that.
I grabbed my cam and have a short tour around time square, lawyat, bintang walk area,
picking up some photos, food and not forgetting to refill my tea leaves.
I would save that part for later as I forget to bring my transfer cable back,
so all the photos are still lying within my cam.
The all time best part of being at home is of course,
mother's special soup.
Yea that's what i call life,
instead of looking for more,
sometimes we can learn how to get the most out of whatever available.
Sometimes as we slow down,
we realize we don't have to work so hard seeking fairy tales,
they are all just around us within our own hand.
Don't have to think how far can we last or how should we get there,
just need make our stance and fight for whatever in front.
But we all do work very hard,
to become a better man.