Monday, October 31, 2011

(celebrating?) 7 billion population

not sure how much are noticing it but
its a great day worth remembering today as the world population will reach 7 billion
what will first come across our mind at the first sight of the figure?
celebration, overpopulation, scarcity of this and that.. and much much more..
found a great article on the internet yesterday that bring out some issue that worth looking at
follow the link here if interested.

well i can't just make my post end like that
let's going through a short analysis from my point of view.
“is a challenge, an opportunity and a call to action,”
I particularly like the statement from the article.
yes it is indeed a great chance to celebrate.
people lives longer due to medical and technology, living standard increases,
war and such does not happen as much.
but does that means that people stay united as one?
people are still against each other, in many different ways,
between different religion, race or ideology.
in simple, i guess my point is that
as one of the 7 billion population,
it is our responsibility to care and to give up any thoughts that keep us divided

UNITED from 7 Billion Actions on Vimeo.